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Our Approach

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At The Root Therapy NYC we believe that every person entering therapy has a tool box of skills, experiences, and relationships that have supported them in arriving where they are today.

It is our job to help you reconceptualize how those tools can be used to solve current problems and to introduce and teach you to use new tools to achieve your goals.

Therapy with us is a didactic experience through which participants gain a deeper understanding of their unique perspective of the world and have the opportunity to implement new strategies for success in their everyday lives. For some this looks like having a safe place to go to process their feelings about life transitions, relationships, or past/future events; for others this looks like learning specific techniques to resolve problems in the here-and-now.

We don’t see therapy as a lifelong commitment – our goal as therapists is to put ourselves out of a job! We want to help you develop the skills and deeper understanding to achieve and integrate your therapeutic goals in your everyday life. Our therapists will tailor services specific to your needs based on their clinical training in the most current evidenced practices, including: