Individual, Group, Couples & Family Therapy in NYC


Helping to repair and strengthen the roots of your foundation.

Modern medicine suggests that addiction, mental illness, personality traits, and even how we respond to stress is rooted in a delicate balance of “nature and nurture”. Our genetic roots provide a roadmap of possibilities and our environmental roots with family and community impact which genetic roads are taken. Let The Root Therapy NYC help guide you to “the root of the root” so that your life can be a flourish of possibilities!

Exploring issues in a non-judgmental, supportive, nurturing environment.

This is your time; time to explore issues in a non-judgmental, supportive, and nurturing environment. At The Root Therapy we like to think of the therapeutic relationship as a one-sided friendship: a safe space to talk about anything with someone who has your best interests at heart, knows just what to say, and can give you tough love when needed.

Individual therapy starts with an initial evaluation during which you and your therapist will get to know each other, discuss what led you to reach out now, explore your expectations for the therapeutic process, identify specific goals, and develop a plan for achieving those goals.

Life can test a relationship in ways you never dreamed and sometimes we look up from the dizzying changes and realize we hardly recognize ourselves let alone our partners. Taking the time to honor yourself and your partnership through couple's therapy can help build communication, trust, and strength.

Group therapy can be such a powerful tool of self-reflection and connection – providing a sense of relief and healing from finding a group of people who relate to an individual experience or feeling. It can also be a powerful tool for self-development and relation...

Parenting will bring out the best and the worst in us; bring us joys greater than we’ve ever known and challenges larger than any previously surmounted. The process of conception and transition into parenthood looks different for everyone.

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Finding the right clinician to support you in realizing the change you wish to see is such an important part of the therapeutic process. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions about therapy and our approach.