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How can I pay for services?

We accept cash, check, or credit cards payment for services. We also accept payment from Health Savings Account funds.

What are your fees?

We have clinicians with varying rates for out-of-pocket cost ranging from $100 – 250. Please contact us to help you match with a clinician who can meet your treatment and finance needs.


We never want money to be what keeps someone from accessing care and are happy to provide referrals to low-cost therapy resources if our fee range is untenable.

Do You take insurance?

Our practice is out of network with insurance plans but provides support in using out-of-network benefits to cover the cost of services.

What is your cancellation policy?

Requests to cancel or reschedule a session with at least 24 hours advanced notice are accommodated. Within 24 hours of the appointment requests to cancel or reschedule a session will be billed at the agreed upon session rate. We also understand that emergencies happen and are happy to waive our policy in these cases.

Does the content in our session remain confidential?

Our office complies with HIPAA laws for client confidentiality. We do NOT share client information without client consent except in extreme cases. To learn more about your protections under HIPAA you can access the link below:

What’s the meaning of LCSW-R and LMSW?

LCSW-R stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker and clinicians who hold this degree in New York state have mastered all the requirements of a LMSW and completed at least 6 years of psychotherapy under the supervision of a doctor or advanced social worker and passed multiple exams testing proficiency in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness. This credential is recognized by state and national insurance plans.


LMSW stands for Licensed Master Social Worker and denotes a practitioner who holds a master’s degree in social work and passed an exam testing proficiency in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. In New York state it is required for an LMSW to practice under supervision.

What’s the difference between a licensed social worker and a psychologist?

The process of becoming an LCSW-R and a psychologist take a similar amount of time and there is a lot of overlap in how their credentials allow them to practice. One major difference is that psychologists are able to conduct psychological testing. Another is that the process of becoming a psychologist requires research and clinical study and the process of becoming an LCSWR requires years of active psychotherapy practice and supervision.

Do you prescribe medication?


How long are sessions?

Sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes.

Do you offer web/video sessions?


What ages do you treat?

We are a full service psychotherapy suite with clinicians trained in treating children (age 3 and up), adolescents, and adults.

What therapy approaches does you practice use?

At The Root Therapy NYC we’re all about helping you realize your goals and continue your journey towards independence and happiness. As such, our practice has a strengths-based, harm-reduction approach. Our clinicians are trained in a variety of therapies to support your unique personal growth.


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What therapy modalities do you offer?

Our practice is a one-stop shop for psychotherapy needs and offers a cross-range of services tailor-fit to each individual’s needs.


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How can I get started with therapy?

Please follow the link below to complete a brief inquiry form that will help us match you with the right clinician who will reach out to schedule a brief phone consultation. During this call you can expect to be asked a few broad questions about what is bringing you to therapy; it’s also an opportunity for you to address any questions prior to scheduling.


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What can I expect from my first therapy session?

A first therapy session looks different from every other session you will have. You’ll be introduced to some of the practice policies, have an opportunity to get to know your therapist, and discuss your history and current mental health towards developing concrete goals for treatment. At the completion of this session you should expect to have a clear sense of HOW you and your therapist will work TOGETHER in achieving YOUR set goals.

How can I schedule an appointment?